Angel Del Amor (silverwings)



Angel Del Amor (silverwings) was inspired by not being able to wear certain jewelry because of my reaction to certain metals. Wanting something to wear for performances and to events that was elegant and statement making; I created four pieces two necklaces, and two matching bracelets.  After my first performance wearing one of the necklace and getting many inquires about the piece and someone offering me what ever price I quoted for the piece and after another show getting the same offer. I decided to start a jewelry line.  


Starting out Angel Del Amor translation Angel Of Love I always say I'm half angel because my Mom is an angel that was sent down straight from heaven. After loosing my mom I dedicated the line to her honor A true Angel Of Love. Using part of her name and adding wings because she's a true angel;  It became Angel Del Amor (silverwings). I love you MOM and miss you very much.